The Arctic

`Entry by Johnson Kehinde`

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(MAST) Redefined blueprint for Arctic exploration

"We cannot stop taking positive steps for drilling in the North pole, Our business should rather be to mitigate or totally eradicate hazards in the course of exploring the Arctic for petroleum treasures."

"Think about the multifarious usages of petroleum, think about the human nature, think about our innate intellectual capacity, think about the unending increase in the world population, and let us think about petroleum (oil and gas), because petroleum is indeed 'everyday life'."

The above quotes are well thought and fact-finding indications that looking in the direction of the Arctic as the new heritage for oil and gas is a befitting "stiche in time." The Arctic reportedly contains untold amounts of oil and gas utilizable for three years, but embracing a contrariwise standpoint about the deposit nature of the Arctic will further enables us to conceivably detect the "replicating magnitude" of Arctic deposited resources.



Name: Johnson Kehinde

Age: 31

Location: Nigeria

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